ROGERS HEIGHTS, Mich. (WZZM) - River flooding is forcing dozens of people from their homes in Mecosta County. A county spokesman says 60 homes have been evacuated from homes along the Muskegon River, upstream from Rogers Heights after an ice dam formed, causing the water to rapidly rise.

The Red Cross is assisting displaced families.

Authorities have closed 12 Mile Road between 183rd and 185th Avenues because of water over the road. Drivers are reminded to follow posted detours and never drive across barricades to cross water-covered roads.

"Don't ever drive your vehicle into water that covers the road. You don't know if the road is still there or not. If you get a significant flow across the road, the road may be gone, and you may think you're driving into six inches of water and end up driving into six feet and that usually results in a body recovery which is a really bad way to go," says Paul Bullock, Mecosta County administrator.

Consumers Energy operates three dams along the Muskegon River: The Croton, Hardy, and Rogers Dams. A spokesman for the company says some areas that are prone to flooding may see high waters, but no evacuations are being ordered.