GRAND RAPIDS (WZZM) - When you've got a new baby on the way you make a lot of plans, but that usually doesn't include allowing time for dad to get lost after parking the car at the hospital.

Spectrum Health's new maternity admitting entrance will not only prevent that but make mom's arrival more comfortable. The new entrance is off Ransom Street.

With 7,400 deliveries a year, the most of any hospital in Michigan, it seemed appropriate to have an entrance just for expectant moms says Cindy Reistoffer, Director of Women's Health at Spectrum. "Our clinicians will be in the maternity admitting area and in the event that a patient needs help right from the door they are right around the corner."

Renovations are planned for the entrance's interior and exterior but the hallway to the maternity admitting area will stay the same.

"A couple of things that you'll notice here that are different. First they [the rooms] are a whole lot bigger," says Stephanie Young who sits on Spectrum Health's Patient Family Advisory Council. Young along with other mothers who have given birth at the hospital had input on how the area should look. "We took a group of women and said 'what are some of the color palettes we'd like to see, what are some of the features we'd like to see?'" says Young.

In addition to soothing, homey colors there are also flat screen TVs to watch while waiting for what could be several hours to verify you're in labor. "The nurse have all the screens so they can watch what's happening with the fetal monitors as well." Young notes the monitors are connected to the labor and delivery floors so they know exactly what stage each mom is in when she arrives up to her room.

Possibly the best idea the moms came up with was the jacuzzi tub, to help labor along.

Expectant parents Eric and Dorothy Remington on a sneak peak of the new maternity admitting area. They are expecting their fifth baby. The other four were also born at Spectrum, Eric immediately notices some differences. "It seems a lot closer to the nurses station. (Before) it seemed like you were pushed off the side with only curtains, where now it seems private."

One of the best changes for dad Eric is the parking. Finding a parking spot took longer than expected with their fourth child. "Had I been a half hour later I probably would have missed out on everything. I felt a little lost. Now it's just a matter now of one hallway, it seems fairly easy now simply because there's a place devoted just to where she's going, rather than going to emergency where there's everybody."

Dorothy also has a favorite new upgrade: the Jacuzzi tub. "I think it's a nice addition."

And speaking of additions, the Remingtons welcome their newest one in April.

Spectrum Health is one of only a few hospitals in the nation with a separate maternity admitting entrance. It officially opens on Sunday.