(WZZM) - In the wake of yet another case of contaminated beef,the CDC has ranked the foods more likely to make you sick.

First, here's more information about the outbreak. The Centers for Disease Controlsays 16 people in five states have become sick from ground beef, nine of those are here in Michigan.

Two companies recalled more than a thousand pounds of ground beef last week.

No one has died from this outbreak, but a new CDC report shows contaminated meat causes more deaths than other foods.

The report also showed about half of illnesses were traced to contaminated produce, including fruits & nuts.

Another 22 percent were caused by leafy vegetables, 14 percent by dairy and 10 percent by poultry.

Contaminated meat, particularly poultry, was responsible for the most deaths, 43 percent in total andmostly from listeria or salmonella.

The CDC says around 48-million people get food poisoning every year and in terms of this study, norovirus was the main contaminant.