(WZZM)- A local Girl Scout, inspired by a friend's scary experience in the hospital, is urging customers to be a little selfless this Girl Scout Cookie season.

Every Girl Scout Cookie form has a little-known box. It's the very first column on the form: "Cookie Boxes Donated." The Girl Scouts in the Grand Rapids area are donating their boxes to Michigan Blood.

Randi Pennington is a five-year-old Daisy Scout for the Girl Scouts of Michigan Shore to Shore. Sure, Randi wants you to buy all of your cookie boxes from her, but she says you should buy them for Michigan Blood, not for the family pantry.

Randi recently watched Sunday School companion and fellow five-year-old, Liza Brouwer battle Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome (HUS) along with her 11-year-old sister Lily. HUS is an illness brought on by exposure to E. coli, and in many cases the disease can be deadly. The Brouwer sisters' story touched many lives across West Michigan, and even across different continents, as their dad, David Brouwer posted updates on Facebook.

One of those lives touched: little Randi Pennington. She drew pictures for the girls andasked mom Lesley Pennington about their progress. That's when the Penningtons realized they could do something and hopefully make adifference.

Randisells Girl Scout Cookies for Troop 4041. Proceeds from the troop's sales were already headed toTheHumane Society, but Randi knew she wanted to do more.Lesley and Randi decided to shift their focus. Their sales pitch quickly turned into a plea: Donate boxes to Michigan Blood because they helped my friends survive a terrible illness.

Randi's sales exploded. She now has over 500 boxes sold and continues to sell everyday with her angelic smile and message.

If you would like to donate your boxes to Michigan Blood, find your local Grand Rapids Area Girl Scout and check that first box on the form!

If you would like to donate specifically to Randi, Christian Brothers Automotive is accepting checks on her behalf. You can send them or bring them into the shop on Kalamazoo and 28th Street in Grand Rapids. Just make sure your checks are made out to GSMISTS Troop 4041.

Want a chance to meet the girls from Troop 4041? They are holding a cookie drive at Michigan Blood February 14 from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m.