GRAND RAPIDS (WZZM) - The Titanic sank over 100 years ago, but people are still fascinated by the story of the unsinkable ship.

This Saturday the Grand Rapids Public Museum is opening a Titanic exhibit that displays artifacts taken from the shipwreck. WZZM 13 had a chance to preview the show and present you five interesting things not to miss if you plan on seeing the show.

The first part of the exhibit shows how the Titanic was built. They have blue prints, pictures of the welders, and what the ship looked like out of the water. One of the interesting artifacts in this part of the show are the rivets-- it took over three million of them to build the ship!

Do you have $57,000 lying around? If you do then you can get a ticket to for a first class cabin on the Titanic. The show has a replica of what a typical first class room looked like. Now the $57,000 priced ticket is what it would cost today.

If you don't have $57,000 then maybe a third class cabin is more in your price range. Converted into today's dollars, the price of a ticket would be around $900 for a much less elegant room. The exhibit has a small hallway that features the two-bunk cabin.

"Iceberg right ahead!" The exhibit features an interactive iceberg that is designed to be touched. The iceberg is 34 degrees and you can't keep your hand on it very long--just imagine what the water was like for all the victims who were caught in it.

The last part of the show has a list of all the survivors and all those that were lost. What is interesting to note is that more 1st class men survived then 3rd class women and children-- so much for "women and children first."

The Titanic exhibit runs February 9 through July 7. Tickets are $17 dollars for adults, $16 for seniors, and $12 for children 3-18.