ALPINE TOWNSHIP, MI (WZZM) -- All 90 of Kent County's snow plows hit the roads Thursday,racking up an estimated 35,000 miles within a 24-hour span, according to Jerry Byrne, director of maintenance for the Kent County Road Commission.

"I've probably been up and down 3 Mile to 10 Mile five times already today," said Mark Cvanciger, a Kent County snow plow driver. He expected to plow up to 300 miles of Alpine Avenue during his shift.

"Probably going 15 mph and the slush is going 20 ft," he said. "By the time you get to 10 Mile, you can turn around and come back and it won't even look like I was there."

Byrne says drivers log a total of 16 million miles on Kent County roads every day. And when it snows, and snows, and doesn't stop, Cvanciger's job moves much slower.

"Wet snow, and it gets packed on really fast," he said. "Little heavier, little slower, harder on the trucks, don't go quite as fast when you're moving heavy snow."

Then, there's the drivers.

"Going in and around traffic all day makes it harder."

Cvancigersays he would take being here any day over Highway 131 though. "It takes a special talent to be on that road, it's just a nightmare."

Cvanciger would like to remind drivers that his crew is clearing the roads as quickly as they can during their 12-hour shift.

"Yes it is, it's very exhausting," he said. "It would be nice to get the thumbs up once in awhile instead of the other one," he said.

Unfortunately, the more the snow falls,the longer it takes plows to get to your streets. The Kent County plows don't come to residential areas until 24 to 36 hours after the last snowfall.

Byrne says they'll start plowing the busiest side streets by 6pm Friday.