Grand Rapids, MI (WZZM) - What motivates a gunman to commit mass murder?

What role do video games and the media play, and are there ways to prevent gun violence?

Leaders of a symposium at Grand Rapids Community College have been studying the crimes and the killers.

"They feel like they don't belong, that the world has left them behind," says GRCC Psychology Department Head Dr. Frank Conner. "They are creating a situation to scream out to the world, 'You have hurt me'."

Dr. Conner and other faculty from the GRCC departments of Psychology, Social Sciences and Criminal Justice are hosting a 3 day on campus symposium on gun violence.

Dr. Conner says people can have the biggest impact by identifying the outcasts and making them feel they belong and there is a place for them.

"Create a world, a society, a community where everybody feels their voice matters and they don't feel cut away from the herd."

Monday night's presentation was day 1 of a 3 day symposium on gun violence. About 100 GRCC students, staff, and community members attended and participated in a question and answer period afterward.

"I've been around awhile and I believe change happens one person and one situation at a time," said audience member Penni Weninger. "The problem comes in when we stop trying to make that happen."
The symposium continues Tuesday and Wednesday evenings at Sneden Hall at 415 E. Fulton St.

It's free and open to the public.