And here it is....Leslie's must have list for 2013. Unlike Oprah, I actually recommend attainable items that can mostly be purchased at Target or Meijer. Not $400 eye cream.

1. My Flavor Creation. I'm HOOKED (I'll try to get you guys some samples). It's coffee with NO sugar, NO carbs and NO calories. Love, love, love.... It's just now being shipped nationwide and will be available soon!

2. I know this sounds ri-dick, but I'm in love with Finish detergent booster. Even though pretty much every dishwashing detergent insists they remove hard water, lime scale and build up..THIS DOES!!! I have taken apart my dishwasher, ran lime-away through the cycle, etc. etc... No lie, my husband asked if I bought new glasses after one cycle with this stuff. Everything was clear & gleeming and not all cloudy like they usually are. I sound cheezy and gimmicky, but this stuff is what made me want to do a segment about my favorite things. (maybe I should get out more?)

3. Mucinex. Nothing, I mean nothing stomps out a cold faster. It shrinks nasal tissue AND causes a more productive cough.

4. Bud light/clamato/lime- I'm raving about this one. I just tried it a few weeks ago and I was like, "where have you been all my life???" It's got the salty yummy taste of a bloody mary with a hoppy taste of beer and then tops it off with a hint of lime. It's perfection in a can.

5. Whirly pop. Do NOT get me started on the whirly pop. It's a popcorn maker (available at and grand rapids popcorn company). It's like movie popcorn. At home. And after looking at all my favorite items, I kind of want to kill myself. What a loser. Really? Flavored coffee? Dishwasher booster? Popcorn. I hate myself.

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