"The Station Agent" (2003) Directed by Thomas McCarthy, with Peter Dinklage and Patricia Clarkson. In this pleasant little film we are introduced to a dwarf who is obsessed with trains. He lives in an abandoned railroad depot and wants nothing more than to be left alone but that is not to be as there are too many people in town that want to be friends.

"Picnic at Hanging Rock" (1975) Directed by Peter Weir, with Rachel Roberts and Helen Morse. This is an Australian film that is really creepy but is also an intellectual exercise for an audience. The plot involves the search for several students from a girls school who have disappeared.

"The Enigma of Kasper Hauser" (1974) Directed by Werner Herzog, with Bruno S. and Walter Ladengast. A German film that tells the true story of a man who, in 1828, appears on the streets of Nuremberg unable to walk or speak. It appears that he was locked up for his entire life and deprived of company. The film explores the man's integration into society.

Courtesy: John Douglas, Movie Critic