Hypnosis is a great tool for many things that people struggle with:

- Weight loss
- Quitting smoking
- Reducing stress
- Overcoming fear, phobias and anxiety
- Sleep disorders
- Non-medical sexual dysfunction

A few self-hypnosis techniques people can use at home:

1. Write down and get really clear about what you want to improve.
2. Lie down in a quiet place with no interruptions, do some deep breathing exercises and become very relaxed.
3. Think about exactly what you want to change, attract or overcome. The more you see it, the more you believe it.
4. Use verbal suggestions to reinforce the idea. Either recite it out loud or have a partner say it to you while you are relaxed and thinking about it.
5. Add a physical action to trigger the response. It can be as simple as touching your fingers together, patting your belly, a certain exercise or sipping your favorite drink.
6. Go to sleep. The best time to do hypnosis is in the evening right before bed.

Hypnosis is very beneficial for everyone because it bypasses the conscious mind, and allows us to get deep into the subconscious mind, where many of our thoughts and beliefs stem from. Without hypnosis, getting into the subconscious mind is very difficult because the conscious mind acts as a gatekeeper.

You may think hypnosis is only for stage performances to make people do all kinds of silly things, but those same mind over matter techniques are being used by many high-profile people. Tiger Woods has been reported to use hypnosis, Princess Kate Middleton is using it for her morning sickness, and Adele used it to overcome stage freight.


Hypnotist Colin Christopher, author of the book Success Through Manipulation.