GRAND RAPIDS(WZZM) -- Three parked cars and a Rapid bus are damaged after the bus spun out of control near a busy Grand Rapids intersection Tuesday morning.

The bus slid sideways down State Street SE near the intersection with Lafayette Ave.

"The bus was straddling the sidewalk, half in the street and half in the parking lot," says Stephanie Jagusch, who lives near the corner.

There was minor damage to the big bus, but at leasttwo of the vehicles could be totaled.

That is especially disappointing for Jagusch and her fiance. They had just made the final payment on their smashed SUV.

"He had just paid it off last month, made the last payment," explains Jagusch. "It's very ironic."

The couple's 2005 Toyota Highlander was parked in front of their apartment on State Street when the bus careened past.

"The bus driver said someone pulled out in front of him," says Jagusch. "We didn't see the accident, so we don't know."

There are no reports of any injuries toRapid passengers. Another bus came and took them to their destinations.

"Accidents happen," shrugs Jagusch. "We are not mad at the Rapid. It serves the community and provides needed transportation. My fiance has been wanting to buy a new car, and now he gets to. We will move on."