Saranac, MI (WZZM) - Herbrucks Poultry Farm in Saranac is expanding, adding jobs and building new infrastructure for the community.

The egg production company is planning improvements worth $17 million atits four Ionia County facilities, including $2 million for a sewer line the companywill then donate to the community.

Herbrucks needs the 7 mile line to deliver egg wash water to the treatment plant in Lake Odessa.

But the pipe has more capacity thatHerbrucks needs, so the company will share the sewer.

Other businesses and even homeownerswill be able to tap into it.

"It will be publicly owned," confirms Jen Wangler of The Right Place economic development agency.

The Right Place team helped co-ordinate the expansion project.

"Herbrucks is investing money to create this forced sewer main, but others may tap into that publicly owned piece of infrastructure to support their businesses as well. Herbrucks is a very community minded organization."

Herbrucks will qualify for a $500,000 grant from the Michigan Economic Development Corporation if, during the expansion, the companyadds 50 jobs to the payroll within 3 years.

Leaders at The Right Place call it a public - private partnership that benefits everyone.

"Herbrucks is a mainstay for Ionia County and we were honored to help their company and keep them firmly planted." says Wangler.