DETROIT (Det. Free Press) -- Detroit Mayor Dave Bing saidWednesday he will not contest Gov. Rick Snyder's looming appointment of an emergency financial for the city in financial turmoil, saying he does not believe it's a fight the city can win.

Bing said he would not sign on with the City Council's decision to appeal Snyder's determination that Detroit is in a financial emergency, though he said council members are free to appeal the ruling on their own, as they voted to do this afternoon.

"We need to stop BSing ourselves," Bing said at a City Hall news conference.

"It is simply a fight we cannot win at the 11th hour in a 30-minute appeals hearing," he said.

His decision came just hours after the council voted to appeal Gov. Snyder's decision to agree with a state review team's report that Detroit is in a financial crisis -- with $327 million in accumulated deficits and $14 billion in long-term liabilities -- and that the only way for the city to recover is through state intervention in the form of an emergency manager, which could come later this month.

Snyder said the state would hear the council's appeal on Tuesday, but many observers say it's unlikely the governor will change course and accept another option, such as a tougher consent agreement with the city.