(WZZM) - With our recent change in graphics, we are finding that some of you may still have some old settings on your TV set. The new graphics should actually give you more viewing area, including all ten days of our new 10-day forecast and not having any graphics be cut off.

Our old graphics were still "center-cut", meaning that those people who were not using 16:9 flat screen (or widescreen) TVs would still have most of the content available. Now, with more people having the 16:9 TVs, the switch has been made, but you probably can switch your old TV to the correct format.

In the image above, we've included several different remote contols and the button and menu you may need to adjust to switch your TV. Your remote may not be included, but look for one that has similar terminology orlabeling.

In most cases, if you can try different viewing options, you will find one that does work well for you, not just for WZZM, but all of your TV viewing.