BELLEVUE, Mich. (WZZM) - Larry Haigh calls 2012 the roughest year for sap production this century. With the warm weather cutting sap production by half, he wasgrateful he was able to get as much sap as he did by tapping early in mid-February.

"We're in much better shape this year because we didn't have the warm weather in January and February," says Larry Haigh. The owner of Haigh's Maple Syrup and Supplies, is also the President of the Michigan Maple Syrup Association. He just finished tapping his 600 trees, and now sap will drain until the trees bud. He'll have a better idea in April, but now it looks like it will be an average year for production. "Last year by this time, we were almost done. Now, we haven't even really started boiling yet."

Bad years happen for any one depending on Mother Nature, but Larry will be doing everything in his power to grow all Michigan maple syrup businesses; even in bad seasons. He says, "It's an important part of farming and the Michigan agricultural community and economy."

By working with Governor Snyder, Larry has been a part of having March declared "Michigan's Maple Syrup Month." It's one more step toward investing in, literally, un-tapped business. "We're tapping less than .2% of the maple trees in Michigan."

If more are used, there's the potential to take out Vermontfor first place in the country for production, instead of trailing in an average fifth through seventh place, depending on the year. "It would get us more of a syrup industry."

It's a living Larry loves, and would recommend to anyone.

Watch the attached videoto see the maple syrup treats Larry and his wife sent back with us.

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