Grand Rapids, MI (Take Five & Co) -- On November 4th, 1979 Iranian militants stormed the gates of the US Embassy in Tehran, Iran taking all but a few of the embassy staff hostage. Six staff members escaped that day and sought refuge at the home of the Canadian ambassador and his wife. It became the job of the CIA to figure out a way to get these six OUT of the dangerous country and back to the United States.At the time, CIA agent, Tony Mendez, was the "Chief of Disguise" for the agency. It became his responsibility to find a way to get the six out of the country safely. Against the odds, he came up with the idea of having the six pose as a film crew and to create a fictionaly Hollywood movie that they were scouting locations for. The rest as they say .... is history. It's also a movie that just on the Academy Award for "Best Picture" this year.

The movie "ARGO" stars Ben Affleck as Mendez as well as an all-star cast. Entertainment reporter, Stephanie Webb travelled to Chicago to sit down with the REAL Tony Mendez to get his story on life in the secretive CIA, the idea of ARGO, Ben Affleck playing him, and walking the red carpet at the Oscars just a few weeks ago.

Mendez is now retired and lives in Maryland with his wife - also a retired CIA agent. "ARGO" is now out on DVD.