Kentwood, MI (WZZM) - Before he was shot and killed by an intruder, detectives say 81-year-old Dave Bouwman fought for his life and the life of his 80-year-old wife Vivian.

Details about the Bouwman murders and evidence against suspect Javonte Higgins were released court documents.

The sworn affidavits detectives used to obtain warrants confirm the Bouwmans were shot to death in their Kentwood home on January 5.

But detectives say Dave Bouwman also had other injuries that indicate he refused to surrender and fought to his death.

Neighbors who knew him say it is no surprise.

"I think he would fight to the bitter end," says Rita Herrygers, who lives across from the Bowman's house on Stow Valley Drive. "I don't think he was a guy who would give up. He was physically fit and would take on anyone."

The affidavit also quotes witnesses who say they saw Javonte Higgins, 22, with Dave Bouwman's Cadillac, describes convenience store video showing him buying the bucket of gas used to torch the car, and the possible involvement of others in the crime and coverup.

Higgins was captured in Chicago, where he is in jail fighting extradition to Michigan.