GRAND RAPIDS (WZZM) -- Our workplace has changed, and our desk chairs have failed to keep up. So says Steelcase, which just released results of a global study of 2000 office workers.

Steelcase researchers identified 9 posture problems areas it says are tied to our growing use of tablets, smartphones and laptops in addition to traditional desk top computers.

"When you look at these nine new postures, often times, people told us they were in pain - the chair wasn't supporting what they were really trying to do" says Ken Tameling, Steelcase's Global Seating General Manager.

The postures included the "smart lean", that Steelcase said "is the result of mobile devices that create the desire for people to temporarily "pull away" from others without leaving a meeting or collaborative." Another, the "the trance", was "observed when people were focused on the screen and either mousing or using a touchpad to navigate on the screen for extended periods of time."

Steelcase has just unveiled a new, high-performance chair, the Gesture, it says accomodates these new work-place postures.

In a news release,Carol Stuart Buttle, CPE, Principal at Stuart-Buttle Ergonomics, said:"Today's workers are driven by their vision - small technologies have a gravitational force to pull the body down. If the chair doesn't move with the user, people slouch to make up for it, or flop on the desk to overcompensate for what is uncomfortable. Workers today are moving from bad posture, to bad posture, to bad posture. Gesture helps you be where you need to be - it helps workers find support in smarter ways so they can use their devices in safer ways."

You can see the 9 new postures and the Steelcase Gesture chair that is designed to ease your pains at