HOLLAND, Mich.(WZZM)-They want book worms, but not bed bugs.

The employeesof Herrick Library in Holland have never found a bed bug in their buildings and they want to make sure none ever come in when borrowed materials are returned. Heat kills bed bugs and their eggs, so the library may buy a special oven to bake any returned books they suspect are infested.

"If we began receiving materials frequentlywith infestation we would want to deal with that aggressively and look at something like a heat chamber," explains Herrick Library Director Tom Genson. "So far, knock on wood, we have not had a problem."

Although bed bugs have never been found at the Herrick Library, last month they were discovered hiding in books intwo branches of the Kalamazoo Public Library. Both buildings were closed for several days during treatment to kill the insects.

Bed bugs sometimes burrow into book bindings while people are reading in bed.

"People take the book home and it might return with a bed bug or eggs in it. People may have a problem in their homes they may not know about," adds Genson.

Herrick Library administrators are still waiting to learn the price of a heat chamber before deciding if it's a cost effective way to address the threat of bed bugs.