GRAND RAPIDS (WZZM) -- Out with the pepperoni, in with the broccoli? Pizza is taking a non traditional turn with more people requesting things beyond cheese, sausage, or pepperoni.

Papa Murphy's is going to be using Grand Rapids as a test city for some non traditional pizzas. That testing is taking place in 15 cities around the United States for three months.

In Papa Murphy's testing, cheese, pepperoni, and standard sausage are taking a back seat to goat cheese, and arugala.

Charles Cooperwood, Store Manager of Papa Murphy's says, "That goat cheese is something. It melts,has a creamy taste to it. It's alittle different than creamy mozzarella and cheddar."

Cooperwoodsays the company is responding to the demand for somethingdifferent.

"The shift just happened because people are tired of those same ordinary five dollar pizzas, four dollar pizzas, they want something a little more different, " says Cooperwood.

Other businesses, like Brick Road Pizza Company on Wealthy Street, already caught on to the trend.

Ted Watson, Manager at Brick Road Pizza Company says,"All sorts of specialty ingredients people are ordering nowadays."

The business focuses on the odd and unusual.

Watson says one pizza has "garlic, onion, mayo instead of pizza sauce as a base, it has potatoes, oyster mushrooms, portabella mushrooms."

A normal "salad" is now a normal pizza--

"We have broccoli and avocado, different vegetables you normally wouldn't see on pizza."

Further proving American tastes are evolving.

When we posted a question about pizza toppings on Facebook, you responded with many of your unusual combinations, including pepperoni and dill pickles.