WALKER, Mich. (WZZM) - Many places were busy Saturday with last minute holiday shoppers, including animal shelters.

The Human Society of West Michigan has taken dozens of phone calls from people trying to get their hands on aliving Easter rabbit, to surprisethe family.Most people have been turned away because workers aren't conformable giving animals to anyone until they are a little more educated.

Cassandra Bosworth and her mom would love to take home one of the Humane Society's rabbits for Easter.

"I've actually wanted one since I was little," says Bosworth.

But her new pet won't come as a surprise in an Easterbasket. This time of year, she is among the minority of future rabbit owners who do their research before committing to a pet.

The Humane Society'sNicole Cook saysresearching is astep more people need to take.

"The first question we always ask is, 'Do you realize how long rabbits live?' A lot of people don't realize rabbits live seven to tenyears," says Cook.

Cook says a rabbit needs about as much attention as a cat or dog. Now shelter volunteers are bracing themselves for post-Easter returns.

"We always see an influx of bunnies and even chicks... that people got for Easter. Then they realize they didn't work out, and they surrender them to us," says Cook.

Some are not surrendered, but let loose into the wild. Since these rabbits aren't used to living outside, they usually die.

"If you're looking for a bunny for Easter, a chocolate bunny is always a great solution," adds Cook.

bosworth says a rabbit is still in her future.

"There's one that we're looking at that's not currently here, so we're gonna see what he looks like," she says.