GRAND RAPIDS (WZZM) -- The family and friends of a missing Grand Rapids woman say they are not giving up hope that someone will find her and bring her home.

Latrice Maze, 26, has not been seen for almost two weeks. On Monday, several dozen people gathered at Garfield Park for a vigil, which they hope will bring attention to her disappearance.

"She didn't seem troubled," says Maze's father, Julius Jackson. "It seemed like she was doing well. She was smiling, smiling like she normally does. Always kept a smile on."

Maze's family says there was no indication that anything was wrong, and that it was out of her character to just disappear.

She wouldn't do," says her mother, Wanda Rose. "She wouldn't leave her kids."

Maze has five children -- a boy and four girls. The boy, 11, is the oldest, and her youngest daughter is two.

"We know for sure she dropped her daughter off at school, butshe never picked her daughter up," says Maze's aunt, Delrise Saintil."That's how people knew she was missing."

Maze disappeared on March 19. According to relatives, police were called to her apartment near S. Division Ave. and Burton St. SEthat morning to break up a fight between her andher boyfriend.

"Apparently it was physical," says Saintil. "The police had to be called. But nobody's seen my niece after that."

Family members say Maze's boyfriend had recently been released from prison.

"We miss her so much," says Rose. "I just want her home."