Is Your Relationship Ready for a Remodel?

Spring is here and homeowners are anxious to take on big home improvements. Before you pick up that hammer or head to a home improvement store, ask yourself if your relationship is ready take on the stress of a big project. Here are three questions to consider before taking on a remodel:


Ask yourself WHY you want to take on a big remodel. A home improvement project might fix your home, but it won't fix your relationship. What is the "problem" you're trying to address with the remodel? Getting answers to that tough question before you start can prevent heartache down the road.


What is your maximum budget for this project? How much DIY work are you willing to take on to keep costs low? Make a list of priorities for the remodel so that you can spend your money wisely. Speak to a real estate agent to determine the best investments for your home and neighborhood if you're keeping resale in mind.


What is the big picture of your goals for the remodel? Determining the project priorities will help you and your partner stay on track and on budget. As you're determining the details of the plan and design, do some homework: create a binder of THING/ NOT A THING items from magazine pictures or make a virtual album using Pinterest to share with your partner as well as your contractor and designer of the inspiration pictures for your design.

More information can be found on the Hart-Davidson Designs website: as well as Pinterest under "designdemocracy".

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