KENTWOOD, Mich. (WZZM) - Now that construction is causing traffic delays on 28th Street in Kentwood, drivers are looking for ways to avoid the congestion.

Some are choosing a bypass that is not only considered unsafe, but also illegal. They are taking a detour through the parking lot of the Home Depot store on the corner to get around the tie up at 28th and Patterson.

"They were using it as a cut-through," explains Home Depot assistant manager Mike Morrissey. "Our concern is for the safety of everyone who shops at the store. We needed to stop the flow of traffic across the front of the building."

With the help of the Michigan Department of Transportation, Home Depot installed additional stop signs and barriers to discourage drivers from cutting through.

Kentwood Police are also patrolling the lot and writing tickets when they catch people trying to bypass the traffic signal.

Jim Gadziemski was stopped on the way home from work Monday evening.

"Traffic was backed up all over, so I cut through the parking lot and I got pulled over," he says. "I'm one person of many who happened to be the unlucky one."

The traffic offense is "driving across private property to avoid a traffic signal." According the the website for Kentwood District Court, the fine is $125.