Ottawa County, MI (WZZM) - The Grossman Family in Park Township say they were already evacuating their Riley Street home after the first lightning strike.

"We were packing up our stuff getting ready to go," explains Chai Grossman. Then lightning struck a second time.

"There was a loud boom and I heard a pop," recalls his wife Charla. "It shook the whole house, the second one shook the whole house,"says Chai.

The lightning hit the gas meter on the side of the house sending sparks flying into the sky. "I saw the sparks just as I heard the thunder," says Charla.

"It was a bright light," says 7th grader Nickolas Grossman. "That's when I freaked out. I knew something was wrong." "It was a boom," adds 2nd grader Maya Grossman. "I was scared," says Charla. "That's when I said we better go."

Damage to the house was minimal. Mr. Grossman says it's because the lightning hit the utility meter. "The fire department says if it had struck anything else there might have been a fire."

Now that it's over, the Grossman's say they can talk and even laugh about the lightning, but at the time they say it was pretty terrifying. "Yeah, that was an experience you never forget," says Mr. Grossman.