GRAND RAPIDS (WZZM) -- A film made here in Michigan premiersWednesday in Grand Rapids.

"Our Beautiful Secret" is thestory of a West Michigan man who struggled to survive and his family who loves and supportshim.

The movie is about Jonathan Peavey, and his ability to beat the odds, and inspire others in the process. Peavey was born with cerebral palsy. Through the years he faced many life or death choices. Doctors said he couldlose the ability to feed himself,breath on his own, walk, or he could chose to die. His family says he always chose life. He now participates in marathons with other athletes who push him through the races.
His family says it's his spirit that inspires others. His sister Angela Peavey says, "Jonathan has been through so, so much in his life. And he always comes out with a smile. Whenever you meet Jonathan, his smile is the first thing that captures you."

The Peavey family is from the Lowell area.

Jonathan ran his first race in 2010, thanks to My Team Triumph West Michigan. This is an organization that pairs able bodied athletes with people with disabilities so they can team up to participate in races.

"Our Beautiful Secret"premieres Wednesday, April 10at Celebration Cinema North from 6 to 9:30.