GRAND RAPIDS (WZZM) -- Several runners from West Michigan had stories to tell as they returned home Tuesday from the Boston Marathon.

"It was on my bucket list to run the Boston," says Sheryl Lozicki of Grand Rapids. She has run seven other marathons, but this one was going to be special. She took her family on the trip. "So, it's great, just to finally get there and to enjoy the crowds. And we had the best weather ever."

Just as Lozicki crossed the finish line, the first explosion went off. "Right after I had gone through the banner is when it happened. I turned around, there was smoke and flames billowing."

Lozicki knew it was a bomb. "Then a second explosion happened and from that moment, I just took off, away from downtown."

She was able to reach her family, who was safe at the hotel. They are now back in Grand Rapids.

So is Calvin College student Jacki Cronin. She ran the marathon with a stress fracture and was determined to finish the race. "It was really exciting to finally be there. It was everything, everybody said it would be."

Cronin crossed the finish line five minutes before the first explosion and heard it go off. "Nobody knew right away. Some people said terrorist, some said electrical. Then the second one went off and that's when people really started to move."

There was no phone service, but Cronin was able to find her family. They were all happy to be safe.

"I'm shaken up still. I'll be OK, but still, I can't believe that happened. It's really sad."