Roasted beet salad with balsamic and orange

2 beets
4 slices bacon
1clove fresh garlic
Balsamic vinegar
1 orange peeled
4 T cooked white beans
2T cilantro
3 T sliced almonds
1/4 cup cherry tomato
Romaine for salad
Salt and pepper to taste

* 1st roast beets in 400 degree oven with olive oil salt and pepper, when fork tender pull from the oven and peel
2, cut bacon into 1oz pieces render down in the sauté pan keeping all of the oil(this will help make the dressing) add balsamic, the juice from 1 orange and the garlic. Mix well
3,in a bowl, add the beets, cilantro ,orange segments,tomato,almonds, white beans, season with salt and pepper
4, add the warm dressing into the mixture in the bowl, mix well and spoon over the romaine dressing


Chef Dan