Exercise With Your Pooch!
There are certain breeds that require a daily exercise program to help keep them mentally and physically in-shape. Meaning that, if their energy is not properly drained, these breeds will wreak havoc on your life. Boredom, along with all of their pent-up-energy is not a good mix. Imagine drywall torn up from chewing, a manicured lawn from digging, or an overturned trash can, jumping on people, excessive barking at everything, and so much more. These are just a few examples of a dog that is struggling with pent-up energy. These high active breeds thrive in an environment that provides an exercise program to stimulate them physically as well as mentally. If they need the exercise, how about you exercise with your pooch?
Choosing the right gear for your pooch!
Hike, run, or walk, depending on the exercise you choose to do with your dog, selecting the proper gear will be needed.

Hiking Doggy Backpack, Collapsible Water Dish, Water Bottles, Poo Bags, Booties, Retractable Leash, Easy Walk Harness

Running Water Bottles (attached to human), Collapsible Water Dish, Poo Bags, Booties, Retractable Leash, Buckled Collar

Walking - Doggy Backpack, Water Bottles (attached to human), Collapsible Water Dish, Poo Bags, Booties, Retractable Leash, Easy Walk Harness

Booties help protect your pet's paws from objects getting stuck in them, burnt from the hot surface, or cuts from the icy pavements.

Backpacks are a great way to let your dog carry the load. This is only recommended for hiking and walking. If running your dog, leave the backpack off to prevent injury.

Retractable leash Typically, as a dog trainer, I am not a huge fan of these walking leads. However, for hiking or running, I think they offer a great alternative to keeping your dog on a "short leash." Allowing them to explore on hikes and giving them some lead-way during the run, the retractable leash will come in handy.

Easy Walk Harness This is a great tool to help prevent your dog from dragging you during the hike or walk. I don't recommend using it for running, however, because it can prohibit movement of the front legs.

Water bottles and a collapsible water dish are important if you plan a long hike, walk, or run. However, if you are running and need to bring water with you, the human will need to be responsible for carrying this load, not the dog.

Poo bags, do I need to say more? Be a responsible pet-parent, your neighbors, the parks, the trails, the wildlife, and the joggers, walkers, and hikers out there will appreciate your effort in picking up after your dog.

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Courtesy: Victoria Swanson