Every makeup-loving girl's dream - BB CREAMS! So, what is it? BB Cream is the all-in-one beauty balm that serves a wide variety of purposes in a one pump application, creating an out-the-door look that is taking American women by storm!

The original BB Cream was created by a dermatologist in Germany in the 1950's to help her patients recover from facial skin treatments. They have been the staple for Korean women for years, and Asian women took to BB Creams like wild fire. Flawless skin has always been a desired trait of American women, and now, with BB Creams, we have the opportunity to achieve it.

BB Cream provides SPF protection, helps to minimize skin flaws (including blemishes and sun spots), hydrates the skin, brightens, smoothes, and enhances. Think of BB Cream this way: SPF, Foundation, and Moisturizer in one! Yep, that simple!

Personally, I would encourage you to go with an SPF of 30, or higher, and one that contains Titanium Dioxide, and Zinc Oxide to help protect your skin from the damaging UVA/UVB sun rays.

We know women everywhere are seeking out a BB Cream to add to their makeup routine, but which ones should you consider trying?

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