GRAND RAPIDS (WZZM) -- It was a record-setting soggy April in Grand Rapids along with colder and cloudier-than-usual conditions.

Temperatures during April averaged 44.6°F, 3.4°F below average and 3.7°F colder than last year (48.3°F). Eighteen days were colder than usual, nine were warmer, and three were considered average. The highest temperature occurred on April 30 with 78°F while the lowest temperature occurred on April 2 and 3 with 22°F.

Rainfall set a new record for April, measuring 11.10", 7.75" more than usual, and 8.12" more than last year (2.98"). There were eighteen days with measurable precipitation, five days more than average (13).

Snowfall totaled 0.7" for April, 0.6" less than usual but 4.9" more than last year (2.8").

There was 36.6% of the possible sunshine last month, 12.3% less than usual but 14.9% less than last year (51.5%). There were three clear days - two less than average (5), seventeen partly cloudy days - ten more than usual (7), and eleven cloudy days - eight fewer than average (19).

Daily rainfall records: 1.51" of rain on April 11 broke the previous record of 1.21" set in 1948.

3.30" of rain on April 18 broke the previous record of 1.44" set in 1939.

Monthly rainfall records: 11.10" total rainfall broke the previous April record of 8.29" set in 1909. April 2013 is now the third wettest month on record after June 1892 (13.22") and September 1986 (11.85").

Daily wind records: a peak wind of 45 mph from the northwest on April 9 broke the previous record of 44 mph from the southwest set in 2008.

Daily barometer records: a record-high barometer reading of 30.61" on April 21 broke the previous record of 30.42" set in 1946 and 2011.