• HMDX Jam - Pump up the volume with this mini, Bluetooth speaker that's powerful enough to fill a midsize room and small enough to fit in a convenient, scented jar that will remind you of, well, jam. $49.99

• Fitbit Ultra Wireless Activity and Sleep Tracker - Give mom that extra incentive to run around all day. Small enough to wear on your everyday clothing, the Fitbit Ultra tracks your activity level - including calories burned, distance traveled and stairs climbed - and is further proof all the little things add up. $74.25

• ZAGGfolio Keyboard - Doubling as a case and external keyboard, turn your iPad into a mini computer. The ZAGGfolio comes in an array of stylish colors as well, prefect for any hip mom on the go. $79.99

• Nokia Universal 2200 mAh Backup Battery - For the mom always on the run, charge your phone on the go with Nokia's Backup Battery. Barely larger than a tube of lipstick, mom will have no trouble staying charged throughout the day. $35

• Samsung Galaxy Camera - Enjoy the quality of a digital camera with the benefits of a smartphone. The Samsung Galaxy Camera features a killer optical zoom lens to take incredible pictures, which can be shared instantly, thanks to the apps and AT&T's blazing fast 4G LTE network.

• Device Trade in Program- Customers can trade in their old device, get cash towards a new device including the new Samsung Galaxy S4 and a Tablet for $299.

Tips for Mom

• How to save money on their Family Plan with Mobile Share

• Safety Tips:

• DriveMode app: Help prevent texting while driving among parents and teens. The app blocks text from coming in and sends an automatic message explaining that you are driving and will return their message as soon as you are finish.

• AT&T Smart Controls: AT&T Smart Controls is the all-in-one destination to get the most from AT&T services for your mobile phone, computer and TV. With information and tools to manage content, spending, safety, time and your location, Smart Controls lets you take control of the technology in your life

• Cool apps

• SnipSnap: Never leave a coupon at home again! That's the idea behind SnipSnap, the first app to scan, save, and redeem printed coupons on your mobile phone.

• Shutterfly: Keep storage space free by loading your pictures straight to Shutterfly and have access to them whether on your mobile device, tablet or computer