NORTON SHORES, Mich. (WZZM) -- It's been exactly one week since Jessica Heeringa disappeared from her job the Exxon gas station on Sternberg Road.

WZZM 13 spoke off camera with the clerk who was filling in this Friday night on what was Jessica's shift. She says she's scared for her friend and overwhelmed at work; business has been busier than usual with many gawkers.

Friday evening, signs were posted on the gas pumps which read, "Do not believe the reporters or papers! You are being video taped!"

The signs reference WZZM and other media reports that there were no surveillance cameras up when Jessica went missing. Jessica's family members say they saw the owner hooking up a camera above the register the day after she went missing.

As for leads, police do not have anything solid yet, which is causing Jessica's family to lose a little more hope.

"It's been seven days, and at times, it gets a little discouraging," says Diane Homrich, Jessica's grandmother.

It's to the point now, when Homrich is beginning to worry, no news will be good news. "The community supports us, supplies food, water, drink, hugs, prayers, one lady even gave me a little guardian angel pin."

So many in the community have come to see her at the hub she's set up near the Exxon station, helping with the search any way they can. Even more people have called in tips.

"We've got well over 1,000 tips that have come in from around the country," says Norton Shores Police Chief Daniel Shaw.

Police say there are no new leads, they're just following up on as many of those tips as they can, while preparing to act if they find something that could belong to Jessica.

"We have collected DNA samples from the mother and the father, and also collected samples from Jessica's hairbrush and toothbrush, so that if a substance is found with DNA material, we can have it tested and find out if it did come from Jessica," said Shaw.

In the meantime, the more her family can get people to see Jessica's face and the face of her alleged abductor, the quicker her family hopes to help police bring back.

"We're willing to hang in here as long as it takes to find her and bring her home, and put that monster, get him off the streets so he doesn't hurt anybody else," said Homrich.