HOLLAND, MICH, (WZZM) -- Many Moms know how hard it is to wear stylish jewelry when you have infants who just want to grab and break it. A Holland woman came up with an answer to that dilemma and started her own business making Mommy Necklaces.

It was started eight years ago, by Raelynn Hughes, who at the time had a four-month-old baby girl. "She was constantly tugging at this locket that I had. One afternoon, she was nursing, playing with it and pulled it off."

The locket was a keepsake, so it prompted Hughes to start making her own jewelry.

"I wanted to create a necklace that was durable, safe to touch, that also had stylish features and was a functional piece too."

The necklaces have a unique closure. "So, literally if your child yanks on your necklace, it just pops apart in back with this break-away closure. It snaps easily back together."

The closure is made by a Holland, Michigan company and the acrylic beads are made in the USA. "We go a step further and test our products to make sure they're not toxic."

Hughes now has a handful of workers. Kim Tugergan says, "I like the idea behind it. I like that everything is made in USA, I like that's it's a hometown business. It's a fun job that brings in income for our family."

Hughes says, "We have retailers in Australia, New Zeeland, China, so China is buying jewelry from us now."