WALKER, Mich. (WZZM) -- The Humane Society of West Michigan needs your help. This is the time of year when many kittens are born, nicknamed "kitten season," and area shelters are worried about running out of room for them all.

Humane Society receptionist Patrick Holloman hasn't been seeing nearly as many adopters as needed. "We are just starting to take in litters and mothers, and eventually, we'll get to the point where we have far more coming in than are going out."

Like many other workers and volunteers, Holloman has taken in as many cats as he can manage, and he's starting to feel a little helpless. "I love seeing kittens. Kittens are very cute. But, it is sad, because it is a problem... so many are out there that aren't being brought in."

"We will definitely have lots to chose from; especially in the next few weeks," said Society worker Nicole Cook. She's preparing for the space where they keep all the kittens to run out. "We could get dozens more litters, which means hundreds of kittens."

Many of those kittens will be less than two months old; too young to be adopted, so if you aren't looking to commit to a cat permanently, you can help another way.

"We rely on our foster families," Cook is asking for as many foster families as possible to contact the Human Society, and come to workshops for short-term fostering. "We provide the food, we provide the crates, we provide everything that a foster family would need."

For those who want to help, but cannot foster or adopt, there are a few items high on the wish list. "We do need wet kitten food, which is something a lot of people don't really think of, and kitten toys, so when they're in these foster homes, they have plenty of food and toys to keep them occupied."

All kittens at the Humane Society come spayed or neutered with all of their shots up-to-date. Keep in mind, this is also a great time to get good deals on full-grown cats, as well.

Visitthe Society's website for more info.