MUSKEGON, Mich. (WZZM) -- The Memorial Day weekend is a time to pay respect to those who died fighting to defend our country. Sunday, dozens of volunteers help decorate the graves of veterans with an American flag at the Sunrise Memorial Gardens in Muskegon.

"Every year around five or six hundred more," said Roger Knopf with the Muskegon Council V.F.W.

The Muskegon council of VFW wants to make sure every single one gets their due respect on Monday.

"There was a need and people were willing to go in and face the ultimate sacrifice to serve the needs of our country."

Knopf estimates volunteers now place around 10,000 flags on veterans' graves in the Muskegon County area. He says it take more volunteers each year. This weekend, the Harley Davidson Owners Group stepped up.

Of Michigan's estimated 680,000 veterans still alive, more than 131,000 served in the Gulf War, 253,000 in Vietnam, and 45,000 and World War II.

Whether they die in the battlefield or back home, the VFW wants not one forgotten.

Knopf says if your loved one passes away, make sure the cemetery or VFW post is notified of the serviceman or woman's name, so their gravesite isn't missed.