A newly created online retail website claiming to be based in Grand Haven, Michigan is drawing the concern of the Better Business Bureau serving Western Michigan and consumers who are worried about their purchases. was created on May 11, and based upon complaints received by BBB, has begun drawing customers immediately from around the country. Unfortunately, the site contains a number of red flags.

• There is no way of knowing who owns the site, and where they are located, or how to contact them other than by e-mail.
• The site requires new users to use GreenDot MoneyPak.
• If a consumer insists on using a credit card or debit card, the site requires information that could result in identity theft.
• The site claims to be accredited by the BBB, but is not.
• Requests from the BBB for more information have been ignored.
• Delivery of items is promised to take place many weeks after the purchase is made.

BBB advises consumers to be very cautious in using this site. Requiring the GreenDot card as the method of payment is often associated with scams.

Consumers contacting BBB have purchased a power washer for $450 and a Gazebo for $390 among other items. Delivery has been promised in one case, but it will be weeks before consumers know if they will get the merchandise or not.

BBB helps consumers find and recommend businesses, brands, and charities they can trust.

Please visit www.bbb.orgfor more information.