GRAND RAPIDS (WZZM) -- The Diocese of Grand Rapids' 12th bishop was ordained and installed Tuesday in ceremonies rarely seen in the city.

The Cathedral of Saint Andrew was filled with 850 people in the service for Bishop David John Walkowiak. He replaces Bishop Walter Hurley who is retiring.

Bishop Walkowiak is from the Cleveland area and he had plenty of friends and family from inside the cathedral, but there were also religious leaders present from many faiths, and many states.

It was an invitation-only and rare event.

It has been 70 years since the Diocese of Grand Rapids last ordained a bishop; others had been installed, but not ordained.

The homily was delivered by the Archbishop of Detroit, the Most Rev. Allen Vigneron.

"This man is being consecrated a bishop, made a successor of the apostles to continue the apostolic ministry as Jesus willed it to be continued," said Archbishop Vigneron during the ceremony.

The service included rituals not performed in Grand Rapids in seven decades, like the Litany of Supplication where the bishop-elect prostrates himself face down on the altar. It is a sign of submission upon the mercy of God and the prayer of the church

The ordination also included the laying on of hands where all 23 bishops present took turns conferring the gift of the Holy Spirit.

There was also anointing with the sacred Chrism or perfumed oil. Then the bishop the receives the ring, the mitre, and Crosier-- the sign of Walkowiak's pastoral office.