Edge of Belgravia - The award-winning ceramic series is made of sintered zirconium oxide forged under 300 tons of pressure. Except for the lightweight and anti-bacterial properties, the principal advantage of the Ceramic knives is that with normal use they retain sharpness for years without sharpening. (MSRP starting at $55)

Keep Buzzin Beauty Products - All-natural body creams that require only a pearl-sized amount to cover both hands a couple times each day for silky-soft and healthy skin that lasts for months! Sustainable, vegan and paraben-free, Keep Buzzin' Body Products are not only good for the body, but good for the planet. (MSRP $10 per 2oz. jar)

Mia + Finn - Inspired by designer Caroline Defrance's roots in France, all of Mia + Finn's duvets, sheets, pillow shams and table linens are created with age-old techniques and strong tradition of textile fabrication. In addition to the latest block printed patterns, the Mia + Finn collections are playful and lively and can be mixed and match to compliment every unique style. (MSRP $12.00 and up)

Hero Nutritionals - Formulated for well-balanced nutrition, Hero Nutritionals' Sugar Free™ Multi-Vitamin & Mineral is the first and only sugar-free gummy vitamin with 16 key vitamins, minerals and nutrients. Yummi Bears® and Slice of Life® Sugar Free™ supplements, GMO-free and patent-pending, are allergen-, gluten- and dairy-free and use lo han fruit, which is three times as sweet as sugar, for a natural sweetener that does not cause spikes in blood sugar or promote tooth decay. (MSRP $19.99-$24.99 for 30 day supply)

RibbedTee - A Leader in the undershirt evolution, RibbedTee has created an extremely comfortable line that men truly want to wear. RibbedTee perfects the classic undershirt with its unique, long-length design that will never come untucked, never bunch around the waistline and never lose its shape from wash to wash. Made in the USA. (MSRP $20/2 to $29/1)

Muichic - 100% sustainable jewelry handmade out of the tagua nut from South America, all Muichic pieces are bold and playful. Available in a variety of colors, each uniquely crafted piece is one of a kind as there is no like tagua nut. Quality and variation guaranteed. (MSRP from $15)

Necklace Saver - The newly launched patent-pending Necklace Save solves one of life's little frustrations of tangled necklaces by providing a simple, functional solution to storing necklaces at home or while on the go. (MSRP $6.95)
Travalo - Made of durable aluminum, the Travalo Touch is a 5 mL refillable and portable fragrance wand with rollerball technology that holds up to 50 applications of fragrance. Its spill-free patented Genie-S pump system allows easy transport whether in a carry-on, purse, gymbag or desk drawer. (MSRP $19.99)