GRAND RAPIDS (WZZM) - While the Supreme Court ruling was a win for gay couples area churches say they're not happy.

"Today's ruling was a little disappointing," says Bishop David Walkowiak, the new head of the Catholic Diocese of Grand Rapids. "There can be a growing intolerance for religious values in the market place, it's important voices can be heard that can speak the truth."

That truth, according to the Catholic church, is that the goal of marriage is to produce life, not just love.

"If you're 35 and you want to marry someone who is four you may be in love with them, but even the state sees a compelling interest in regulating marriage. You can't just marry who you want," says Walkowiak.

The Christian Reformed Church of North America says they love the Christian but disagree with the act of gay marriage and relationships. But says they're researching the topic.

Joel Boot, executive at the Christian Reformed Church says, "The church created a study committee to figure out what God wants us to do and how God wants us to treat gay people."

As for the Supreme Court ruling CRC leaders say they support a separation of church and state perspective. "We uphold the governments responsibility to treat all people fairly, but as a church consider the act of gay marriage to be against the will of God."

There are churches in West Michigan that support gay marriage including an organization called Gays In Faith Together. Their message is you can be both gay and Christian. It launched a new campaign called Gay Christian Yes.

Below is a written statement by Bishop David J. Walkowiak in response to the United States Supreme Court's rulings today on the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) and Proposition 8:

"We are deeply disappointed with today's rulings by the United States Supreme Court which legally redefine traditional marriage in certain instances and may have the effect of redefining marriage in the law throughout our country.

Marriage between one man and one woman is a great gift that needs to be strengthened. The Catholic Church has long believed and taught that marriage is a gift from God, meant to be a faithful, exclusive, lifelong union between a man and a woman for the good of the spouses, openness to welcoming new life, and the good of society. The common good of all, especially our children, depends upon a society that strives to uphold the truth of marriage. The difference between a man and a woman matters and the difference between a mom and a dad matters. Only a man can be a father and only a woman can be a mother-both bring irreplaceable gifts to the shared task of raising children.

Every person has inviolable dignity and deserves love and respect; however, this latest challenge to marriage, the proposal that sexual difference doesn't matter, removes the very basis of marriage's meaning making the definition of marriage in law (and thereby culture) open to limitless variation and ultimately meaningless.

Let us continue to stand steadfastly together in promoting and defending the unique meaning of marriage: one man, one woman, for life. As the court's decisions are reviewed and their implications further clarified, I encourage all people of faith to continue to pray for the grace of the Holy Spirit to guide us as we seek to live our lives in union with God."