NORTON SHORES, Mich. (WZZM) -- It has been just over two months since Jessica Heeringa was last seen. She vanished late on the night of April 26 at the Exxon gas station on Sternberg Road where she worked.

On April 29, police released surveillance video of the van seen at the time of her alleged kidnapping. The next day police released a sketch of the man believed to have kidnapped her. On May 3, police searched Muskegon State park, but found nothing.

Since WZZM 13's update on the story, including our own investigation over a week ago, there still have been no new leads.

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In the meantime, friends and family, including Jessica's three-year-old son, Zevyn and fiancé Dakota Quail-Dyer, continue to wait for any answers in the mysterious disappearance.

"Just let her go, we need her home, her son needs her home... It's never too late to do the right thing," says Dakota.

It's a plea from with a hint of desperation after two months of waiting. Waiting for even the smallest break in the mysterious disappearance of a loved one and a mother.

But here are just no answers.

Although the story is fading in the public's mind, it is the only thing on Dakota's mind. He believes the abductor was someone Jessica knew.

"It was very quick, her being outside. Not sure what happened, it's just a feeling I have."

Dakota says he still feels in the dark with all theories he hears from people in the community, although he does speak with investigators regularly.

"I talk to the police about twice a week, at least. We're pretty much on the understanding that they won't tell me anything until they have something," says Dakota.

Also left to wonder three-year-old Zevyn.

"He asks questions everyday-- everywhere we go he asks questions. Is mom here? Constantly looking for her asking if she's there," says Dakota.

If anything good has come of this, Dakota says it has revived his faith in the community. But he wants them not to give up until it's over

"Thank you for everything and just stay on top of the tips and keep your ear to the ground. If you hear unusual things, report it.

Dakota also had words for Jessica. "We love you baby and we're here, waiting for you to come home."

Family and friends of Jessica Heeringa keep hoping for the best. The flyers with her picture on them are still up. Police say they continue to follow up all tips.