Alger Bikes started in Alger Heights (thus the name) by Brian Walquist's grandfather in 1957.

I feel it's really important to know what type of riding a person will be doing and if they've been athletic in the past or tend to take their exercise more casually, as that tends to transfer to riding and will help us to guide them toward certain styles or models of bikes. The following examples will address the more recreational or exercise focused rider and not competition or even tour rider.

  1. The Cannondale Quick is a hybrid, good for street and maybe a dirt road. Much more comfortable than the traditional mountain bike many are familiar with and they ride very efficiently. People often use these for recreation, exercise and commuting. We have hybrid bikes starting about $400.
  2. This one is a Cannondale Adventure comfort bike. This particular model has an adjustable stem that requires no tools so it can be adjusted easily. This is a really nice bike for someone who's main need is to be comfortable, and it has the wide, comfortable seat you'd expect plus a shock built into the seatpost and front fork. We have comfort bikes starting under $400.
  3. The third is the Schwinn Frontier, these are available in a range of sizes from 8 years old and up, and very affordable between $270 and $310. This is an entry level mountain bike, although it really isn't meant to be ridden on very rough terrain. It works really well for a lot of kids as it gets them into bike shop quality at a great price. Adults can buy these too, but the other styles are usually preferred.
  4. For younger children parents buy bikes like the Stardust, this is a good transitional bike for 5 to 8 year olds because it has a foot brake and a hand brake they can begin to learn to use.
  5. The above list of bikes does not include all of the different type of bikes and accessories Alger Bikes carry. For more information on all of their products and services contact Brian Walquist at 616.243-9753 or go to their website at:

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