EAST GRAND RAPIDS, Mich., (WZZM)- It's a large project that some homeowners might be afraid to take on, but for Fritz Kruer, it was the only option that made sense.

The East Grand Rapids man is re-locating his 6,000 sq ft home on Lake Drive. "I've had this piece of property since 1990," says Kruer.

The house sits on just over two acres of land. Kruer says it was a great place to raise a family, but now that he's retired and his children are out of the house, he wants to sell the property. With smaller lots going for $300,000 each, he decided to split the property into three parcels. "The way this house sat, if you put a house over on Woodcliffe, it would look into their back yard."

Kruer, who has been in the construction business most his life, came up with a plan. He hired a local company, Rollaway Movers, to rotate his house 45 degrees and shift it to the East, 30 feet.
Kruer says it was more cost effective than tearing it down and rebuilding the home.

At first, the city of East Grand Rapids, turned down the plan. After several months of negotiations and a lawsuit against the city, the two sides, agreed on a plan.

"If I would have sold this house for what I could get for it, a developer would have come in and done the same thing I'm doing," says Kruer.

He admits it's not an easy project and not everything could be saved. The basementhad to be destroyed. Once the house is moved, a new basement will be poured and the house put down in place. Kruer says it should bedone by the end of the month. The house will be remodeled and put up for sale.

"I think everyone's going to say that it's better than they expected. That's my goal."