MUSKEGON, Mich. (WZZM) -- Four Muskegon felons each face multiple gun charges stemming from Tuesday afternoon's street fight and deadly shooting.

The incident resulted in one man's death and critical injuries to a young mother. Prosecutors say the investigation into each man's role in the shooting continues.

Witnesses tell WZZM 13 the gathering Tuesday afternoon on Monroe Avenue was intended to be a fist fight between two men. But others joined in and everyone involved was carrying a gun. It wasn't long before guns came out and shots rang out.

The first of four suspects arrested in connection to the shooting went before a judge Friday morning. Derrick Golden, 33, was arraigned on two felony gun charges. Prosecutors say Golden was in close proximity to the shooting.

Golden's attorney, James Marek believes detectives have video of the fight and shooting and want to use the video to defend his client. "It is my understanding that there is potentially a video that will have my client on it And that it will show my client without weapons."

The three others charged with gun crimes include Dashawn Bates, Demeturis Holt, and Julius Johnson. Detectives and prosecutors believe they have the principle men involved in the fight and shooting. At this time no one is being named as the shooter who killed 27-year old Alexis Brown.

The injured bystander, Carmesha Rogers, remains in critical condition at a Muskegon hospital.