MUSKEGON HEIGHTS, Mich. (WZZM) -- Vacant homes in Muskegon Heights have some concerned homeowners calling for action.

William Baker and his wife own a home in the area and are concerned saying the vacant houses are drawing unwanted visitors to the neighborhood.

Baker says the blight has been an issue for years. The homes are not boarded up or maintained, making them easy targets for squatters or criminals.

"My worry is that somebody or someone is going to get raped, hurt, killed. Or someone could die of a drug overdose-- run in and use whatever they've got and end up being dead in there," says Baker.

Baker says the vacant homes also pose a danger for children in the neighborhood. "About a year ago a little girl was leaving school and she was attempting to cut between these two properties," said Baker. "She ran out screaming and I happened to be on my porch and said 'what's wrong with you?' And she said 'there's some guy in the window.'"

Baker says he has seen suspicious activity, found dead animals and large amounts of trash, and even human feces at the empty house near his own.