SPRING LAKE, Mich. (WZZM) - The St. Lazare Retreat House will close after 60 years. A celebration was held Sunday attended by several hundred people.

The decision to close St. Lazare came from the Vincentian Provincial Council in Philadelphia, not the Diocese of Grand Rapids.

Father Vincent O'Malley says while a decrease in the number of available priests were a factor, just as important was an increase in the busyness and "noise" in everyone's life.

"We live in a culture now that is surrounded by noise - all of us myself included - and it's hard for people imagine being freed from their computer and cellphones and iPads" Rev. O'Malley said.

Over 100,000 have attended retreats at St. Lazare since it opened.

Several buyers have expressed interest in the waterfront property; a sale decision is expected soon.