NEWAYGO, Mich. (WZZM) -- For some it may feel more like fall than summer. along the Muskegon river, it's quiet for the first week of August; instead of tubers and kayakers, there's a couple of fisherman dressed in long sleeves and pants.

At Wisner Canoes, the thermometer hanging on the sign says it is just under 70 degrees and there are just a few groups heading out on the river. "We pretty much had everybody switching to rafts instead of tubes, so they don't sit in the water," says owner Rachel Wisner.

For Bill Flaska and his friends from Grand Rapids, it's an outdoor adventure that's been planned for three weeks. "The water is 73 degrees-- it's warmer than the air."

It's that positive attitude that business owners hope tourists will embrace.

At Tiny Tasty Treats, just across the street from Wisner Canoes, they feed off each other's business. The ideal day for ice cream is sunny and in the low 80s. "You actually do more ice cream business when it's sunny and cooler than when its 90 degrees and really hot," says owner Tammy Hilliker.

So, the question is will we have any more of those days? Wisner says, "I do, I was raised in this business, so I've got that mentality: think positive."

Out on the river, the rafters think so too. As soon as they hit the water they didn't seem to care what the temperature is.