Grand Rapids (WZZM) - The John Ball Zoo has introduced a new baby to the public.

On August 7, the zoo's Colobus Monkey, Becka, gave birth. Becka came to Grand Rapids from the Cleveland Zoo in June of 2010. Her mate Mac came from the Seattle Zoo a month later.

"We had them since 2010, they have been here three years and they hadn't bred so far and we were kind of wondering if it was ever going to happen and surprise there was a baby," said Dan Hemmann, aZookeeper with John Ball Zoo.

The baby is on exhibit at the zoo starting this week. Zookeepers have maintained a hands-off approach right now, so they don't know if the baby is a boy or girl. They also have not chosen a name.

"Infant mortality is actually pretty high on Colobus Monkeys," said Hemmann."We are optimistic because things are looking good so far. We are just trying to keep things as calm as possible and just let mom do her thing and have a lot of alone time and let her take care of it."

Colobus Monkeys are native to Africa. They live primarily in trees and canleap up to 50 feet.

The species is facing loss of its natural habitat and they are hunted for their fur. They can live up to 20 years in captivity.

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