ROOSEVELT PARK, Mich. (WZZM) -- There is an update to a 13 On Your Side report from Wednesday night. Carolyn Holt's moped was stolen last month; the rare pink bike was a gift from her father who died recently.

Jerry Persons ownsScooters To Go in Grand Rapids. His close friend Tom Niewiek sent him a message about the story after seeing it on WZZM 13. Tom knew Jerry would be willing to donate the identical moped that was stolen from Carolyn and invited her to contact the store and arrange to pick it up.

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Jerry says he appreciates the values Carolyn showed by taking care of her dad and his heart went out to her. "This girl took care of her father for years, you know? And it's his dying wish that she gets a ride and somebody steals it," said Persons. "Quite frankly, I like the values that she has. In the stor,y she even took responsibility for losing it, so how can you not help her out?"

Scooters To Go covered all costs, including the taxes. The moped retails for more than $800.

Carolyn says she will be sure to lock up her new moped carefully from now on.