GRAND RAPIDS (WZZM) -- AWest Michigan man is about to be the one of the last homes on his block because his neighborhood is being demolished.

Kent County authorities say a drain problem causes several feet of water to spew into residents homes. But because it's too expensive to fix, the city and county had FEMAlabel it a flood zone.

All of the homes are being bought and destroyed except for Ed Kettles. He's one of theonly homes on Tremont Streetnot being demolished.

"I'm basically left all alone over here,"said Kettles.

The problem centers around a sewer, which he calledOld Faithful. "It whistles and hisses and spews and I know it's going to flood. I'd have just enough time to run down the drive way and move my car before it was flooded."

Officials came up with the solutiontobuy the homes and demolish them. In its place, permanent green space and Ed Kettle's home, a neighborhood of one.

"If this property can never be re-developed because it's so terrible, then why am I still here?" wonders Kettle.

Drain Commissioner Bill Byl said Kettle's home isn't eligible. "Those homes didn't qualify for FEMA because they don't flood, they're on a hill."

But assures Kettle will soon see less red, and more green. "Right now it looks like the neighborhood is trashed, but in a year, it will look totally different," said Byl.

All Kettle's family can do now is say goodbye. "My wife is in tears, all our neighbors are leaving, we love this neighborhood, we bought this home because of the neighborhood."

Officials say they went with this option because replacing the drain would have cost$5-10millionand tearing down the homes only cost $1.5 million.